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Architectural Drama

It seems it’s no longer enough for architects to communicate their work through more traditional means as practices turn to weaving narratives that bring building projects to life.

Black Ice’ is one such example: a ‘dark’ and ‘psychotically inventive’ short film just under 16 minutes long, it was created by Groves Natcheva Architects and explores the interior of an apartment they renovated previously. Apart from screening the film at their studio during London Design Festival, they also offered guided tours of the space.

They aren’t the only ones exploring this avenue. MK27 is headed up by Marcio Kogan, who began his career by dividing his time between film and architecture. The Brazilian studio’s latest storytelling venture suggests that Casa Redux was responsible for the collapse of a marriage, told from the perspective of a jilted ex-husband.

It’s interesting to see how these efforts could develop in relation to site-specific immersive theatre, especially with the recent craze over Punchdrunk productions and participatory mysteries such as Time Run

How else might architects and designers seek to breathe new life into the spaces that they create, drawing upon the curiosity and imagination of potential buyers?

Olivier Demangel of IVR Nation stated in an interview with Dezeen that future architects will be able to walk their clients through projects using virtual reality. How might physical experiences evolve in light of these technological developments, projected by Demangel using his virtual reality construction of Ty Hedfan?