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Take Nothing But Pictures...

I’m fascinated by the Trident Underwater Drone, recently launched by OpenROV and due to be available in November 2016. The idea behind it is to make ‘underwater exploration accessible to everybody’ - it’s lightweight, portable and can be controlled via a tablet, smartphone or laptop.

The project is currently on Kickstarter, having already had $537,337 pledged (from a goal of $50,000) with 38 days to go. 

I’m excited about the possibilities: How will this affect different types of underwater exploration, from oceanographic mapping expeditions to tourist packages? With a system that allows for new plugins to be added on, what new applications might be devised? Could this pave the way for new educational experiences, especially for those who might not usually be able to access this information easily?

Trident by OpenROV

Trident by OpenROV