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Tools Of The Trade

If you haven’t seen Stuart Haygarth’s installation for the Wellcome Collection, it’s certainly worth a look.

Simple yet stunning, the work is titled Tools of the Trade and features a range of scientific equipment usually found in the laboratory. Borosilicate flasks, test tubes, petri dishes and other items are rearranged in repetitive modules and lit with fluorescent tubing, creating an impressive display along Euston Road.

Haygarth says it was an earlier visit to the Wellcome Trust that inspired the exhibit, being ‘immediately drawn to the diversity of glass laboratory apparatus collected by Henry Wellcome’.

“The project was initiated from a visit I made to the Wellcome Trust collection where I was immediately drawn to the diversity of glass laboratory apparatus collected by Henry Wellcome. These beautifully crafted objects are at the core of any scientific experiment and essential for testing any chemical idea where substances require to be distilled, filtrated, separated or simply poured.”

Indeed, Tools of the Trade is very much in keeping with Haygarth’s fascination and skill at elevating the ordinary. Each glass piece is stacked in an orderly manner as would be in the context of a scientific laboratory, yet the overall silhouettes in each window create the impression of something far more dramatic and spectacular.

Taking in at all six at once, it was easy to imagine them in a very different setting: the sloping petri-dish chandelier would not look out of place adorning the high ceiling of a hotel lobby with the tower of flasks taking place of honour in a glamorous bar.


We’re definitely looking forward to seeing more of Stuart Haygarth’s work soon!