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Rethinking Surgery

Rethinking Surgery


University of the Arts London
Imperial College - Surgery Division

Design Research / User Research

A series of dialogues on the future of surgery, organised by Professors Rob Kesseler and Roger Kneebone from UAL and Imperial College respectively. 

The objective of this project was to engage surgeons and artists/designers in conversation to discover new ideas, methodologies and perspectives for the improvement of the operating theatre.

Designers were split into teams and rotated amongst sections, handling surgical tools and materials as well as interacting with the surgeons stationed at each area.

Through a series of follow-up meetings we continued the dialogue with both parties introducing further stimuli for more effective brainstorming, such as a visit to the hospital and bringing in design work as props to trigger new thoughts and ideas. 

From this we identified some key areas for further investigation, such as 1) interpersonal relationships within the operating theatre, 2) implications of introducing new materials for usage and 3) the potential for individual personalisation of instruments.

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