The Librarian



The Librarian is a film created during a workshop with material manipulator Bart Hess, an abstract depiction of a central character also found in The Inhabitant flip book.

Built on a context where inhabitants on a new island are estranged from their homeland, the piece focuses on memory collection through reconstruction technology devices. These machines enable thoughts to be collected, stored and visualised so that inhabitants may revisit them fully and share them with others.

At the heart of this system is the The Librarian who works at the Central Library where the machines are kept. He is in charge of gathering memories from the inhabitants, from practical steps such as inducting new arrivals to the continual development of more sophisticated methods.

This film presents a surreal, eerie sequence from the perspective of a new inhabitant, where the repeated act of brain scanning for memory extraction is overseen by the sinister figure of The Librarian.

The latter remains disguised throughout and appears frequently at different scales, sometimes distorted, making his shadowy presence seem threatening and invasive.