The Toolkit



The Toolkit is based on thought reconstruction technology and examines how The Island inhabitants might seek to preserve their memories through the use of an everyday household object.

Specifically devised to facilitate the inhabitants’ interaction with their memories in a tangible way, The Toolkit consists of five separate components with their own unique function: extraction, purification, storage, projection and disposal, designed to be used in relation with one another in stages.

The extractor is connected wirelessly to fibre electrodes in the inhabitants’ brains, small and light for easy retrieval. When a memory has been transferred to the extractor the device is then plugged into the filter to remove traces of other memories if present. The isolated memory is then transported into a storage device containing a filament wire encased in a glass tube by creating a complete circuit between the two units. 

Storage devices have teeth on one side and indents on the other so they may be linked together, allowing inhabitants to form physical structures with their memories while the projection device forms a screen which can be plugged into any storage device and display the contents within. 

Finally, the disposal device may be utilised by removing the glass tube from the relevant storage unit and shattering it. The heavy bulk of this tool serves a twofold function: its unwieldiness is deliberate in an attempt to discourage inhabitants from destroying memories; however, it also enables the user to undergo a cathartic experience particularly if the memory to be disposed of is a painful one.