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Developing a cohesive corporate identity for a data-driven consultancy


Exell Intelligence


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Bringing together human and business data

Exell Intelligence is a new advisory that works with business leaders to implement workforce and commercial strategies. The brief was to create a striking brand identity that would incorporate its use of business and people analytics.

Geometric patterns that could be used across different scales and contexts
Image: Exasol


Illustrations can be useful for demonstrating complex concepts
Image: Count.co


Imagery that relates to data science and visualisation without being cliche
Image: Pexels


Mathematical symbols reflect the data-based nature of the company’s offer
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Contemporary design, without alientating its corporate audience
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A new wave advisory with a more human approach

With a suite of services aimed at C-level executives and leadership teams, Exell Intelligence’s visual identity needed to distinguish it from competitors without alienating its corporate target audience – whilst also reflecting its focus on people.

Putting a face to the name

The Exell Intelligence logo utilises curly brackets to reference mathematical equations as well as the silhouette of a face. Each letter features a mixture of rounded and sharp edges to create a more ‘human’ feel, further highlighted by the double Ls in each word.

The face silhouette was also used as a visual device in icon form or across pages.

Contemporary and corporate

Colours were inspired by lifestyle and interior trends to create a sophisticated, contemporary corporate palette. Petrol blue with a hint of teal forms the base colour, to be used for most applications including body text. This is paired with olive green, a secondary colour used for headings and key icons.

Neon magenta functions as an accent colour, to be used sparingly for full visual impact. Finally, deep magenta provides a further tertiary option for print collateral.

The client requested that Nirmala UI remain in use as the primary typeface for documents, so Open Sans was selected as a web-only option for its aesthetic similarity and clarity at different sizes.

Drawing on geometry for brand building blocks

In addition to the face motif, other visual devices were also created to round out the design system. Customised mathematical symbols and circular patterns were developed in the brand’s olive green for illustration of diagrams, concepts and key points.

Bespoke icons based
on need-states

The business had identified 9 key areas where they could deliver solutions for their customers. Each of these concepts were translated into petrol blue and neon magenta icons inspired by technical diagrams and drawings in keeping with mathematics as a key theme.

Capturing complex concepts

There were also core concepts that needed to be visually represented, such as the way data is processed and the value that this brings.

Helping the team to use the new identity

The core brand elements were outlined in the brand guidelines that I compiled, together with further examples of print and digital media as points of reference.
PowerPoint layout examples
Word document layout examples

Bringing it all to life

I also applied the new identity and visual elements across print and digital outcomes. This included a 4-page company brochure, an eBook to be made available for download and 1-page sheets with technical details for each of the 9 solutions.
Exell Intelligence eBook
1-page document with technical details

Introducing the world to Exell Intelligence

The responsive website was built on WordPress, bringing together all the different visual elements with selected imagery in keeping with the brand colours and aesthetic.

Exell Intelligence was launched in early 2020, followed by the corporate website in May.

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