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Shining the spotlight on an award-winning Negroni

Cocktail bar Shin Gi Tai’s chief bartender is Anthony Zhong, who is well-known for his award-winning Negronis.

The bar’s owners wanted to provide their discerning clientele with a new experience of Anthony’s Negroni while increasing local awareness and appreciation of the drink itself.


Japanese bartending technique reflects a high level of attention to detail and process
Image: Punch


Shin gi tai is a Japanese principle that can be translated as spirit, technique and body.
Image: Seiikan Kempo


Premium and luxury drinks packaging often makes use of metal or metallic finishes
Image: Laviani


Anthony in the process of making his award-winning Negroni


Bottled cocktails are gaining popularity among consumers
Image: Mr Lyan


The Negroni is a classic cocktail thought to have been devised around 1919
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Bottling the Shin Gi Tai experience for at-home enjoyment

From discussion with the owners and in-depth interviews with key customers, the demand for a new at-home bottled experience from existing customers was clear. But I also found it would encourage existing clients to share and give the experience to others, thereby introducing it to a wider audience.

Translating the Negroni into colour and material

I began the process by putting together a palette of colours, materials and finishes inspired by traditional craftsmanship and the luxury drink sector. I also drew inspiration from Anthony’s training in Japan and the nature of the cocktail itself.
Gold and copper hues provide subtle, luxurious shimmer
Natural textures reflect Shin Gi Tai’s aesthetic and enhance tactility
Deep, rich shades bring about a sense of warmth and depth

An effortless, timeless elegance

Typefaces were selected to complement Shin Gi Tai’s existing branding and interiors. Serif font Castro pays homage to the Negroni’s status as a classic cocktail, whilst Xingkai was utilised for the characters 心技体, selected for its resemblance to ink brushwork.

Handcrafted with love - the secret revealed

The concept  for the bottled Negroni is inspired by the way one discovers Shin Gi Tai, its cosy warmth tucked away behind an inconspicuous entrance.

The external packaging is unlabeled and crafted from three types of textured paper to represent the three ingredients found in a Negroni: Campari, gin and vermouth. Peeling away the layers reveals pale cream labels containing information about Anthony’s version of the Negroni, Shin Gi Tai and suggestions for food pairings.

Nine cycles of production to date

The first batch of bottled Negronis sold out almost immediately in 2016 and production is still ongoing.
As featured in the World's 50 Best

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