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The Singapore Scout Association


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Embracing the future without forgetting the past

The Singapore Scout Association (SSA) is one of the country’s oldest youth movements with more than 10,000 members today.

The brief was to deliver an updated visual identity for the organisation that would appeal to the current generation of youths whilst acknowledging its rich heritage.


Embracing adventure and the outdoors
Image: The North Face


A history spanning more than 100 years from 1910
Image: Wikimedia


The SSA needs to remain relevant and of interest to the youth of today
Image: The Singapore Scout Association


Recent UK Scouts’ visual identity re-design aims to diversify membership
Image: Dezeen

Many facets, one identity

One of the main requirements was that the fleur-de-lis emblem and tagline wording should not be altered. Looking at the various elements that could be updated within the scope of the brief, I identified typography and layout as the main areas to focus on.

The range of activities and volunteers involved meant that lots of different visual elements and styles were being used. By creating a cohesive and consistent aesthetic, the Scouts could benefit from making a more concrete impression to attract a new generation of youths.

Brand marks for a range of different contexts

The updated logo features a modified version of the original Futura typeface, maintaining the emblem and tagline wording as requested. Single-line and stacked versions provide versatility for different contexts and clarity when using the association’s multiple taglines.

A contemporary take on heritage hues

I created a palette of four bright colours: red to represent Singapore, purple for the international scouting community, green for uniforms, blue for air as well as sea scouting. These solid hues were paired with gradients to add depth and contrast.

Galano Grotesque was selected as a bold yet friendly typeface for display headers, combined with Source Sans Pro for body text.

Building clarity and consistency

The project also included rolling out the new visual identity across corporate elements from business cards for employees and volunteers, to email signatures and letterhead. I also designed PowerPoint templates for corporate use.
Email footer design for employees and volunteers

Empowering the team to use the new identity

The core brand elements were outlined in the brand guidelines that I compiled, together with further examples of print and digital media as points of reference.

Great adventures start with Scouting

As part of the overall visual refresh, I also worked on a 6-page brochure that introduces the reader to the key elements of Scouting.

Bringing Scouting into a new era

The visual identity remains in use and has been applied to internal and external collateral such as presentations, posters and more.

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